Research Officer

Frédéric Bouchard

Dr. Frédéric Bouchard verifies the alignment of his quantum switching experiment in the Ultrafast Quantum Photonics Lab. He is a Research Officer in the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre.
Frédéric Bouchard (Ph. D.), agent de recherches au Centre de recherche sur les technologies de sécurité et de rupture, s’assure que les composantes de son expérience en commutation quantique sont bien alignées au laboratoire de photonique quantique ultrarapide.




Frédéric Bouchard is a Research Officer at the National Research Council Canada. He completed his PhD in quantum optics at the University of Ottawa, with a focus on quantum cryptography and high-dimensional quantum information. He joined the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre of the National Research Council in 2019 as a Research Associate working on photonic quantum information processing and became a Research Officer in 2022.


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