Research Associate

Kent Bonsma-Fisher

Quantum physicist Dr. Kent Bonsma-Fisher verifies the optics before he starts his quantum memory experiment using a single-photon source. He is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre.
Le physicien quantique Kent Bonsma-Fisher, postdoctorant au Centre de recherche sur les technologies de sécurité et de rupture, vérifie les éléments d’optique avant d’entamer son expérience sur la mémoire quantique avec une source de photons uniques.




Kent Bonsma-Fisher, a postdoctoral fellow currently working with the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) Ultrafast Quantum Photonics group, was fortunate to complete his PhD studies while working with the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre. He received his master’s and doctoral degrees in physics at the University of Waterloo Institute for Quantum Computing, where his quantum photonics research earned him the Governor General’s Gold Medal and the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. Kent initially collaborated with the NRC to demonstrate how to store and retrieve photons, and to manipulate their colour using a diamond memory. In his current role as a postdoctoral fellow, Kent’s focus is the generation and manipulation of single photons with a broad range of wavelengths. His work is at the heart of optical quantum technologies, which are revolutionizing computation, sensing and communication.


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