Quantum Frequency conversion

-Research Interests-


Quantum frequency conversion (QFC) assumes a pivotal role in driving the advancement of the Quantum Internet, a groundbreaking concept that strives to seamlessly connect users with diverse quantum capabilities and specific requirements. In the realm of quantum networks, the transmission of quantum information predominantly relies on the utilization of single photons. However, the pursuit of a universal wavelength capable of satisfying the multifaceted demands of quantum networking remains an ongoing challenge. The critical constituents of a quantum network—quantum processors, quantum memories, photon sources, and detectors—typically operate at distinct wavelengths while possessing unique spectrotemporal characteristics, thereby necessitating the development of efficient techniques for coupling quantum light across a wide range of frequencies. In our group, we focus on the development of fiber-based QFC platforms that exploit dispersion-engineering and leverages tunable multi-spectral sources of intense short pulses.


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