Postdoctoral fellow

Ramy Tannous





Ramy joined the NRC in the spring of 2023 as a Research Associate and is very passionate about research and discovery. He completed his BSc (Honours) in Physics, with a specialty in nuclear physics, from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016. He then completed a MSc (2018) and PhD (2023) in Physics with a specialty in quantum information at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) of the University of Waterloo. There, his research focused on developing quantum communication hardware and protocols, specifically for free-space links. He was also a technical lead on the development of the quantum sources and optical ground station for the Quantum Encryption and Science satellite mission. Generally, his research expertise is in quantum optics, quantum networks, and photon detection. He also has experience in additive manufacturing, telescope systems, and flexure design for opto-mechanical systems.

Ramy has many interests beyond the lab, including ultimate, cycling, hiking, cooking, and a good Sci-fi series. He also enjoys science outreach and was a significant contributor to the IQC outreach efforts, where he conducted many class visits, public lectures, and science demonstrations.


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